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Walkman and Media Port


At the beginning of March Sony announced its latest Walkmans, the NWA800 and NWE010 which are both flash based players with capacities of up to 4GB and 8GB, respectively. The NWE010 is a tiny music player with FM tuner while the NWA800 is a super slim video and audio player. Both devices will playback ATRAC, MP3, AAC (non DRM) , WMA (non DRM) and PCM and the NWA800 will also play MPEG4 video. We will have a review of the NWA800 very soon and will follow up with the NWE010 as soon as possible.

The NWA800 and NWE010 Walkmans.


Another relatively new technology that Sony was demonstrating was its Media Port connection that is used to connect a variety of peripherals to its audio devices. They had four new adapters for connecting your iPod (yes, you read that right), Walkman, Wi-Fi enabled device, or Bluetooth device and in true Sony fashion they are all superbly elegant. The Bluetooth and Walkman adapters will be out anytime now while the iPod and Wi-Fi versions will be coming in May and June, respectively.

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