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Sony Media Experience 2007

When your average consumer electronics manufacturer puts on an event for the media it generally involves showing off half a dozen products from one or two areas of the range followed by a buffet lunch, a few drinks, and maybe an overnight stay in a hotel. However, when you have as many fingers in as many ginormous pies as Sony does and when you’re annual revenue is well into the tens of billions, you can afford to put on something a bit more spectacular.

The Sony Media Experience 2007 is Sony’s second in what will hopefully become a regular biennial event where the Japanese technology giant shows off all its latest products and innovations to a massed gathering of hundreds of journalists from all over Europe. The first event was held in a gorgeous chateau in the French city of Bordeaux but this time around the venue moved to the Dodecanese island of Rhodes.

Basking in the glorious heat - compared to the UK - of the Mediterranean sun, an entire large beach front hotel was filled with Sony products, people, and presentations. From SLR cameras to projectors and iPod adapters to satellite navigation devices, the whole gamut of Sony’s product range was available for us to get our hands on. And, when all the workshops, interviews, and presentations had finished we were treated to two spectacular parties - one of which involved hiring out an entire street!

So, over the next few pages I’ll give you the low down on some of the more interesting products we were shown and hopefully give you an impression of just where Sony lies within the many fields in which it works today.

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