Grandstream GXP-2000

The Grandstream GXP-2000 is not going to win any prizes for looks, unless you happen to be a four year old child. It has big square buttons in dirty blue plastic that give the phone a somewhat Fisher Price look. It’s also a little on the large side with very little weight to it, giving it a slightly cheap feel. We personally don’t like the look of the Grandstream, but that doesn’t mean you have to. On the upside, the buttons are very good quality, with almost the same quality sprung travel you get with the Polycom.

To go along with its large size is an equally large display with a fully adjustable angle. After switching the phone on you are greeted by an animated Grandstream logo, just to show off its backlight and relatively high resolution capability. Its short comings in style are easily made up for with this screen, being by far the best on test in every aspect.

On the downside however, when not in use the phone’s backlight goes out, leaving the screen very hard to see as without the backlight, the contrast is dire. Having said that, when not in use the only thing on the screen of note is the time and date, and as soon as you press a button, lift the handset or someone calls you, the screen lights up and all is well.

Setup is easy. Again, it’s a case of setting up an IP via the keypad or letting DHCP do it, then entering all the relevant account details into a web based interface. The phone automatically upgrades itself via the Grandstream website in a similar fashion to the Sipura. Like the Sipura, this phone is capable of handling four SIP accounts - but unlike the Sipura all four accounts are available from the word go without needing to spend any more money.

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