Sipura SPA-841

There’s a 2.5mm jack for a headset, which is fast becoming the defacto standard for entry level headset equipment, although there's no pass-through network port for connecting your phone and your computer to the same network cable – an oversight if you consider that the target market is SOHO.

This phone doesn’t support POE at all. Not surprising since the phone’s target market isn’t likely to benefit significantly from it. Also lacking is one touch speed-dial buttons. You can configure the phone to pick up the time via an NTP server, so you always have the correct time on your phone.

There is a speakerphone and considering the price point it’s actually a passable one – but there are volume issues – the person you’re speaking to will very often have trouble hearing you, and you there can be a significant delay echo. In Sipura’s defence, this speakerphone is no worse than most, it’s just not something we would recommend for anything other than checking my voicemail or for on-hook dialling. For actually conversing, I would stick with the handset.


This phone is aimed at the user with no pretensions, who needs a phone with no bells and whistles – it takes calls, it makes calls, it conferences calls, it transfers calls. Overall, it does this well and at a very reasonable price of £102.21. However, it is overshadowed by some of the other phones in this round up that offer more features for similar money.

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