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Sky 3D Uncovered

John Archer


Sky 3D Uncovered

Unless you’ve had your head submerged in a bucket of fully-hardened technophobic concrete for the past six months, you’ve probably noticed that a little something called '3D' is coming to a TV screen near you in the next few months. And it's hell-bent on proving that it is in fact the future of home entertainment rather than some dodgy old-fashioned gimmick for putting more bums on seats at the local cinema.

Initially, at least, this 3D assault will come from three sources in the UK: Blu-ray discs, console/PC games, and Sky’s new 3D broadcast platform.

Much has been written already about the Blu-ray 3D system - a system that has actually, wonder of wonders, now being finalised with an industry-agreed standard. And the 3D game world is reasonably well established already. But we haven’t got fully to grips with what’s going on at Sky, despite the fact that - wouldn’t you just know it - Sky’s 3D system is technically different to that delivered by both the new Blu-ray standard and the 'old' 3D system you may have already witnessed on your current TV during, for instance, Channel 4’s recent 3D Week.

So with a little - oh, alright, a lot - of help from Sky’s Director of Product Design and TV Product Development, Brian Lenz, let’s put on our 'groovy' 3D glasses and try and get to the bottom of just what the UK’s biggest subscription TV service is doing vis-a-vis 3D.

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