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Sky 3D: The First Two Weeks

John Archer


Sky 3D - An Early Verdict

After months of hype and a reasonably successful roll out to clubs and pubs in April, Sky’s 3D channel finally exploded out of the TVs and into the living rooms of Sky’s domestic HD service subscribers on October 1st. And Trusted Reviews has been there from the very start, 3D goggles perched firmly on our noses and, um, Nurofen at the ready. Just in case.

Two weeks later we feel in a position to give you our considered impressions of whether the service really has what it takes to revolutionise our TV lives.

To give the article structure, we’re going to break things down into four sections. First, we’ll simply look at the content available on a quantitative basis, based on the channel listings. Then we’ll pick on highlight programmes and compare the 3D coverage with HD coverage.

Following that we’ll consider how much of a difference to the experience different viewing hardware makes. And finally we’ll try and draw some general conclusions about the extent of 3D’s appeal.

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