Life in the City

Nobody said that "Life in the City" had to mean human life. Les Stow of New Malden, UK sent in this nice shot of a house sparrow with a nest full of young, the kind of life you'll find in any city, but seldom notice. It's just a pity that his camera's AF system has focused on the sparrow's tail, rather than on the chick's open mouths. This is why many professionals still prefer manual focus.

Trusted Reviews is read by people from all over the planet, so it's no surprise that we received street scenes from a wide range of the world's cities. The best of the bunch was this vibrant and colourful scene sent in by Richard Koizumi of Tokyo, Japan, although I think the city in the photo is actually Hong Kong.

By complete contrast, this strange photo from Andrew Swan of Rugby, UK, shows a street in Birmingham early on a Sunday morning. "I was trying to capture a deserted shopping street, and just as I fired the shutter a person hurried across the shot, giving me the ghostly effect in the picture. The title of the shot is ‘Ghost in the City'".


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