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Life in the City


September Digital Photography Competition Results

The theme of the September round of our ongoing digital photography competition was "Life in the City", which was deliberately vague and open to individual interpretation. I wanted to see what you would come up with given such a broad subject, and I wasn't disappointed. Again we had entries from all over the world, and as usual the quality of entries was very mixed. While there were many absolutely fantastic shots, including some from competition regulars, there were some that were…not so good. A number of people seemed to send in any random street scene snapshot that they could find, without thought to composition or artistic quality, but fortunately as usual the real photographers among you put in some real effort to take some of the best shots I've seen in our competition so far.

As is usually the case, there were a number of popular themes to this month's entries, with many shots being submitted with broadly similar subjects. Since the overall theme was "Life in the City", we received a number of photos of homeless people. Many were simply random photos of sleeping tramps, which is a bit exploitative, but one photo stood out from the rest. This excellent shot from Robert Heverly of Norwich, UK, really captures a sense of isolation by using a slow shutter speed to blur the movement of the passers-by. The high-contrast monochrome suits the subject well too.

Another popular sub-theme was cityscapes. I suppose technically they don't show much of life in the city, but there were several really good photos submitted, one of which was this one from Britta Copt of Golden, Colorado, USA. I'm no expert on American geography, but that looks like the skyline of Washington DC to me.

We also received a surprisingly large number of photos of New York taxis, but surprisingly only Patrick Holdaway of Eastleigh, UK thought to use colour masking to isolate the distinctive yellow colour against a monochrome street scene.


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