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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S Plus



Has the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge trumped the iPhone 6S Plus? We compare these two large-screened champions in an attempt to find out.

Samsung has taken steps to differentiate the Galaxy S7 Edge from the Galaxy S7. The result is a 5.5-inch phablet that sits firmly in iPhone 6S Plus territory.

So how do these two super-sized smartphones compare? Let's take a look.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S Plus: Design

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: 7.7mm thick, 157g, metal alloy, 3D thermoformed dual-curved display, IP68 certified, Black/Gold

iPhone 6S Plus: 7.3mm thick, 192g, series 7000 anodised aluminium back, Space Grey/Silver/Gold/Rose Gold

Last year's Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was arguably the best looking smartphone we'd ever seen. Samsung knew it was onto a good thing, and the Galaxy S7 Edge looks very similar indeed.

In fact, if anything, Samsung has improved the look of the new phone. Yes, it's a little thicker than its predecessor, but its new curved back makes it nicer to hold, and the camera module no longer sticks out so conspicuously from the back. It still has that beautiful dual-curved display, too.

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All of which means that the S7 Edge is a far better-looking phone than the iPhone 6S Plus. We've never been blown away by Apple's current smartphone design template, which began with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, with its simple curves, ugly plastic antennae, and sticky-outy camera.

While the Galaxy S7 Edge is 0.4mm thicker than the iPhone 6S Plus, it's 7mm shorter, 5mm narrower, and a not-inconsiderable 35g lighter.

Another notable design point with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the fact that it's IP68 certified, which means it can survive an extended dip in a pool, and won't allow dust into its inner workings.

Of course, Apple boosted the toughness of its own phone with the use of series 7000 anodised aluminium and an Ion-X glass screen. There have also been reports that it's been sealed against water ingress, but we wouldn't take that as a license to take it into the bath with you.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S Plus: Screen

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: 5.5-inch Super AMOLED, 2,560 x 1,440, 534 ppi

iPhone 6S Plus: 5.5-inch LCD, 1,920 x 1,080, 401 ppi, 3D Touch

Both of these phones have 5.5-inch displays - and that's where the similarities end.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge's screen is much sharper at 2560 x 1440 (QHD) versus the iPhone 6S Plus screen's 1920 x 1080 (1080p). That makes for a pixel density of 534ppi for the Samsung and 401ppi for the Apple.

Is a QHD resolution necessary for a high-end mobile phone? No, it's not necessary. But at this larger-than-average size, the difference in sharpness is certainly noticeable, and that's a clear advantage for the Samsung.

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It's not just on resolution that the Galaxy S7 Edge wins, either. It utilises Samsung's latest Super AMOLED panel technology, which boasts better contrasts and more accurate colours than the iPhone 6S Plus's LCD.

Make no mistake, the iPhone 6S Plus has one of the best LCD displays on the market. But our own view, and that of the display experts at DisplayMate, is that the Galaxy S7 Edge has one of the best displays of any kind.

It's not perfect, though. We found the Galaxy S7 Edge display to have a strong blue tinge around its two edges, and viewing angles aren't as good as on the iPhone. Outdoors viewability is also better on Apple's handset.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S Plus: Power

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Exynos 8890 octa-core/Snapdragon 820 quad-core CPU, Adreno 530/Mali-T880 MP12 GPU, 4GB RAM

iPhone 6S Plus: Apple A9 64-bit dual-core 1.84GHz, PowerVR GT7600 GPU, 2GB RAM

Samsung has returned to a split CPU offering in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, with most territories getting the Exynos 8 and some (chiefly the US) getting the Snapdragon 820. Some may find that disappointing after the Galaxy S6 range's excellent custom Exynos 7 chip, but we're talking about a major performance boost either way.

In real life usage, both are plenty fast, with a good 30 percent boost in CPU performance and 64 percent in GPU performance over the Exynos 7. When it comes to benchmark tests, the Exynos 8 seems to have the edge on multicore use, while the Snapdragon 820 takes the single-core crown.

So how does it stack up to the iPhone 6S Plus and its A9 CPU? It's a mixed bag across the various benchmark tests, with multi-core performance understandably sharper on the quad-core Samsung and the iPhone taking the single-core win. Overall it seems as if performance is pretty much equal between the Exynos 8 and the Apple A9 CPU.

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iPhone 6S Plus

When it comes to RAM, the Galaxy S7 Edge has 4GB compared to the iPhone 6S Plus's 2GB of RAM, but the true value of that extra memory isn't clear-cut given the difference between Android and iOS.

What's more, we have to say that the experience of using both shows the iPhone 6S Plus offers the smoother experience overall - but that can be put down to software matters rather than any hardware deficiency. We'll discuss that more in the OS section.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S Plus: Camera

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: 12-megapixel, phase detection, Dual Pixels, OIS, f/1.7 lens, 1/2.6" sensor, 1.4 µm pixel, 4K video, 5-megapixel front camera

iPhone 6S Plus: 12-megapixel, phase detection, OIS, f/2.2 lens, 1/3" sensor, dual LED 'True Tone' flash, 1.22 µm pixel, 4K video, 1.2-megapixel front camera

Samsung has rolled back the pixel count for the Galaxy S7 Edge camera, which means that it's now level with the iPhone 6S Plus on 12-megapixels.

However, there's a very good reason for that climb-down. Samsung has made those fewer pixels larger to the tune of 1.4 µm, which has the effect (when combined with a super-bright f/1.7 lens) of boosting photo brightness 95 percent over the Galaxy S6 Edge. The iPhone 6S Plus lens is only f/2.2, so it doesn't let in as much light, and its pixels are only 1.22 µm in size.

Comparing the low light performance of these two phones bears this hardware advantage out. The Galaxy S7 Edge camera takes much brighter, clearer shots in tricky conditions than the iPhone 6S Plus.

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Autofocus on the Galaxy S7 Edge, too, is formidably fast. Thanks to Dual Pixel technology, the phone can lock on extremely quickly - it's the best smartphone autofocus system we've ever seen. It stands to reason, then, that it's much faster than the iPhone 6S Plus equivalent.

In daylight and decent lighting conditions, there's much less of an advantage. In fact, we'd be tempted to give the edge to the iPhone 6S Plus for its reliability and colour accuracy.

As for the front cameras, there's no contest. The Galaxy S7 Edge has a 5-megapixel sensor and a wide-angle f/1.7 lens, which means it takes much sharper and brighter selfies than the iPhone 6S Plus.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S Plus: Features

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Edge display, Samsung Pay

iPhone 6S Plus: 3D Touch, Apple Pay

Both smartphones make a song and dance over supposedly revolutionary screen technology, but in very different ways. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has its dual-curved display, which melts away where the usual bezels should be.

To its credit, Samsung appears to have addressed criticisms of the gimmicky nature of this feature in last year's Galaxy S6 Edge. This time around, there are a whole bunch of shortcuts and widgets that can be accessed through a swipe from the edge of the screen.

But we have to hand the advantage here to the iPhone 6S Plus. 3D Touch might not have become an essential part of everyday usage as we hoped it might, but it shows a lot of promise.

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6S Plus

In case you'd forgotten, 3D Touch is a pressure-sensitive screen technology that debuted with the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Combined with related UI tweaks and a sophisticated haptic feedback motor, it enables a new layer of shortcuts and commands based on a firm press of the screen.

It needs deeper and more consistent integration – from Apple as well as app developers – but it remains a useful feature that will only get better over time.

Apple and Samsung have also imbued their latest phablets with the ability to make mobile payments. Both Apple Pay and Samsung Pay have clear strengths. Apple Pay is the more established, whereas Samsung Pay has the cleverer tech that lets you use it even with old fashioned card-scanning systems.

However, we have to give the nod to Apple here for being available in more places around the world, including the UK.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S Plus: Storage

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: 32GB, microSD expansion

iPhone 6S Plus: 16GB / 64GB / 128GB

We have two vastly different approaches to storage here, and both have their strengths and flaws.

There's only one fixed-storage option with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and that's 32GB. This isn't too bad, but when you consider that the added software bloat of the Samsung leaves you only around 20GB to play with, it doesn't sound so great.

Of course, Samsung goes some way to addressing this with the reinstatement of microSD expansion.


The iPhone 6S Plus doesn't have that expansion option, of course. No Apple phone does. But it does offer more internal storage options. We particularly like the 64GB and 128GB options.

However, 16GB is simply inadequate for the modern smartphone, and should never have been offered up as an option.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S Plus: OS

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Android 6.0 Marshmallow, TouchWiz UI

iPhone 6S Plus: iOS 9

For all the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge's technical advantages over the iPhone 6S Plus, the iPhone 6S Plus still offers the better, smoother, and more intuitive software experience.

That's because Apple's hardware is perfectly in sync with its software. Say what you like about Apple's conservative approach to software improvements - it's slick, reliable, and it has the best app ecosystem out there.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is formidable in its own way, of course, and it's more advanced than iOS in many ways. But the thing with Samsung phones, as always, is that you don't just get Android. You get Android plus Samsung's needless TouchWiz UI.

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It's gotten a lot better in recent years, of course, and Samsung also tends to optimise its UIs for large-screen devices better than Apple. But TouchWiz remains a pointless and sub-optimal reworking of Android overall.

We pick this out every year, but it goes beyond mere matters of personal preference. Despite the Galaxy S7 Edge's impressive hardware, there remain niggling little bits of lag littered throughout TouchWiz. During our review period we would encounter the odd pause when opening up an app, and navigating through Samsung's own efforts often leads to lengthy loading times.

To be honest, if Samsung had announced the option of stock Android with the Galaxy S7 Edge, we probably would have called it the overwhelming winner here. It didn't, so we can't.


Samsung has created a beast of a super-sized smartphone in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. In many ways, it has the measure of the iPhone 6S Plus, with a nicer design, superior screen, and a camera that operates better in low light conditions.

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Unfortunately, it's not quite simple enough to call this a clear win for Samsung, because iPhones tend to amount to more than the sum of their parts. Apple's slick combination of software and hardware is seamless in a way that no Samsung phone has ever been - and the Galaxy S7 Edge hasn't changed that.

Buy Now:iPhone 6S Plus at Amazon.com from $584

If you want the latest and greatest phablet from a design and technological perspective, money no object, then we would give the clear edge (pun unintended) to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. However, Apple's peerless app ecosystem and slick iOS experience makes it an easier phone to live with day to day.

Thanks to Three for lending us an iPhone 6S Plus for use in this article


February 25, 2016, 12:47 pm

You made a typo. The Galaxy S7 Edge has 4GB of RAM, not 3GB.

John Smith

February 25, 2016, 4:07 pm

It's not really a difficult choice. The S7 walks it, that's a fact.

Max Dunlap

February 25, 2016, 4:43 pm

Samsungs Dual Pixel autofocus is a huge feature, I'm surprise you glossed over it.


February 25, 2016, 10:30 pm

What about the S7 taking a memory sim and we can use it in the rain then ?.


February 26, 2016, 6:43 am

Author says thst 'iPhones tend to amount to more than the sum of their part,.... Exactly what more ?

Kevin T

February 26, 2016, 8:55 am

Having used both Samsung & Apple phones a lot over the last few years (and one disastrous Sony) I like both but I lean towards Samsung. I've currently got an iPhone 6 Plus but I miss the Samsung screen and Android's widgets. The S7 Edge's camera improvements, expandable memory and free Gear VR have already sold it to me.


February 26, 2016, 12:49 pm

iPhone DOMINATES again!

John Dow

February 27, 2016, 12:36 am

-"the Galaxy S7 Edge has 3GB of RAM"

It's actually 4GB

-"Apple Pay is the more established, whereas Samsung Pay has the cleverer tech that lets you use it even with old fashioned card-scanning systems"

So Apple Pay is accepted in a fraction of places where Samsung Pay is accepted but they are more established?

-"It would be silly to write the iPhone 6S Plus camera off at this early point - it's currently one of the best and most reliable smartphone cameras out there. But there's every chance we'll have a new champ in a few weeks' time."

I believe the Galaxy S6+ (and note 5) beat out the iPhone camera in many ways where a lot of people agree and call it the best camera on a smartphone out there. I think it is easy to say that a newer phone will widen the gap even more.

And this site is called TrustedReviews? You come off as if you haven't had a Samsung phone since the S3. It seems as if you are comparing with a spec sheet of an S7 in one hand and an iPhone device in another. Doing a quick Google search "best smartphones 2015" will tell you that Apple is not where it once was. You have an older S6/Edge beating out the newer iPhone 6s. I think I even saw couple of sites where the Nexus 6P was regarded as the best smartphone of 2015. A lot of points you tried to make are very outdated and sounds like you are talking about Androids of 5 years ago. Typical Apply fanboy article; quick to point out Android flaws, complimenting Apple, even in a category it is years behind, like the screen for example.

Umair Mohammad

February 27, 2016, 5:14 pm

yes bro you are right, what exactly i am thinking after reading all of this, you have written all of that, this is not trustedreviews! some idot crapple fan boy who knows nothing what samsung is! needlees UI?!! put it in basket and use TSF launcher way way much more better than uggly iOS UI that never change, IR blaster is is huge useful thing, samsung is better in many ways and TrustedReview knows nothing!

Yordan Montero

February 29, 2016, 2:46 pm

the ir blaster is gone for the s7/s7edge,yes I know I was surprised too...have no idea why Samsung removed it,it sucks!!!


March 2, 2016, 12:34 pm

To be fair, the article makes a valid point. The fact that it's made by apple will be enough for some people, irrelevant of the hardware. Most people don't bother reading about the facts, they just want something shiny. I think people should be more educated about what they're actually buying, what their money gets them. I think people are more aware than they used to be, but the majority of people really have no idea about the components they're buying. They just see an apple logo and assume it must be good. In terms of bang for your buck though, you'd often be better off going with Samsung.


March 3, 2016, 2:53 pm

I have both the iPhone 6s Plus 128GB and the Samsung S6 Edge, I used to think IOS stability was second to none but since having this new 6s plus I have had freezing issues, appls locking out and even unable to reboot the phone, having to hold both HOME and POWER buttons down to get it working again! But Apple is nice to use and if like me you have a Mac and apple watch it all ties in nicely...

But I find myself enjoying my Samsung more and I don't mind touchWiz, it gives you choice, even the little buttons at the bottom make a big difference where as apple I have to double lightly tap the home button for the screen to shrink.

Apple have this class about them and you always see the stars with an apple phone which of course leads the kids to follow suit this is where apple have this cool image about them (clever market to nab) They also have the family thing down as well, my little ones use iPads and when they want an app it comes through to me and I authenticate it... although I have to say I don't ever use the 3d touch like EVER not sure if that is just a gimmick but hey the industry is raving over it....

But for me Google Now is fantastic and leaves Siri in the dark for voice recognition, when in the car "hey Siri" Call the wife - after my 6th attempt I then say "OK Google" Call the wife 1st time straight in this is a really frustrating thing with apple...

I am at present toying with the idea to get the S7 edge and let apple go well phone wise that is... its those little bits that apple do well like the family thing mmmm....


March 6, 2016, 6:51 pm

Difficult choice between the absolute gorgious S7 Edge and the Iphone 6s???

Who doesn't want a smartphone:
1. that's ip86 certified
2. had by far the best mobile camera in the world
3. has the fastest starting camera in the world
4. that can be full charged in 1,5 hour
5. that can be wireless charged
6. that has by far the best screen in the world
7. that can be used as an essential part of the best mobile VR set there is
8. that has a battery that lasts for two days (expected)
9. that you can use to take pictures under water
10. that has a mobile pay system that can be used in allmost every shop or restaurant
11. that has an ulrtra power saving that let's you use the smartphone for 4-5 days.
12. that has the fastest GPU in combination with the Vulkan API for graphic performances equal to the Playstation 4 or Xbox
13 that let's you remove ALL bloatware

Apple? None of these. None !!!!

Apple is overrated, overpriced and outdated.


March 6, 2016, 6:52 pm

Forgot another essential: SD card expandable.


March 16, 2016, 1:22 pm

Laughable. It doesn't matter what the other manufacturers throw at Apple, those reviewers who are biased towards Apple still seem to find some angle to say that Apple is better or at least equally good.

I wonder what would happen if Samsung were allowed to sell the Galaxy S7 Edge with iOS installed. What would the fanboyz say then?

"Well, the Galaxy S7 Edge is a good phone, but it doesn't have an Apple logo, which means you will lose tremendously when it comes to prestige, so we still believe the iPhone is a better phone and a better buy."

There probably isn't any way to beat Apple in the eyes of some people.


March 24, 2016, 3:24 pm

I change my phone every 6 months or so and switch back and fourth from Android and Apple, while my girlfriend has been an avid iPhone user and usually waits 1 year or more to upgrade. After owning the Samsung Galaxy S6 in the early Fall of 2015 my girlfriend has fallen in love with Samsung's cool features like fast charging, wireless charging, and in her word "amazing camera". Right now I have a Nexus 6P and while I thought this phone would carry me over until the iPhone 7 release, my girlfriend and I have decided to get Galaxy S7 Edges.

For me I am moving to the S7 Edge because of the shortcomings of the 6P. The biggest factor is size. The 6P is a thin phone but is pretty wide and very tall which makes it hard to stretch my small paws out on the screen. The S7 Edge is shorter, less wide, and the curved front and back glass make it a lot more comfortable to hold compared to the 6P.

My girlfriend and I both value camera quality and while the iPhone 6 line and Nexus 6P aren't bad cameras by any means we both find the 1.7 aperture amazing in low light. The speed of focus is insane compared to the 6P or even iPhone. Like many girls who take selfies, capturing the full image is important and the wide angle lens just captures more compared to the iPhone's front facing camera. Yes Samsung's cameras tend to a little more over processed, heavily saturated, and even more cartoon-ish but those are the quality we both prefer in our photos.

My past S6 got okay battery life maybe 2-3 on screen time if I stretched it and my 6P gets 4 hours on screen time. For me battery life is never an issue but for someone like my girlfriend who is constantly recharging her iPhone 6 Plus. While we haven't received our S7 Edge units yet many are claiming 5 hours onscreen time. I have no doubt the S7 Edge will fit my girlfriends needs now that the S7 have better ram management, Android Marshmallow with Doze, and a massive 3600 mah battery. Again I get at least 4 hours on screen time with my 6P with a 3450 mah battery. Plus my girlfriend will now be treated to fats charging and wireless fast charging even if she can't make it through the day.

While the Nexus 6p is a great value for $450-$500 starting price and has an upscale metal build I find the materials to be really inferior to Apple or even Samsung. My 6P unit came with an tiny grain like bump excess paint, a tiny indent on the metal by the plastic bottom, and the black bezel by the screen is comprised of ultra soft metal that dents easily. Even with the phone in a TPU case I have received 3 small dents. This is really frustrating since I take ultra care of my devices so I can sell them to upgrade more frequently. These problems remind me a lot of the iPhone 5 that also scratched and dented super easily.

Some miscellaneous reasons why I will be using the S7 Edge as my daily driver are the fact that while the 6P has dual front facing speakers they aren't that loud and the quality isn't that much better than any other smartphone in my opinion yet they make the phone extremely tall. Actually I find the volume to be so low I use a volume booster app. While the speed and accuracy of the fingerprint reader of the 6P is great the placement isn't as convenient as the iPhone or Galaxy line. Additionally the placement of the power button on the 6P is right above the volume keys which makes mixing up inputs very easy. While USB C is the future and really easy to plug in, finding someone to borrow a charger from or even buying an USB C charger is a bit harder. By now you probably have gathered my girlfriend loves taking photos whether it being selfies or in the water on vacation, now with the S7 she can actually take photos in the water without having to use a plastic condom like bag, yay. While I have never needed a phone beyond 32GB the 6P and iPhone 6 lineup really limit your storage capacity, but with the S7 you get a base 32GB but the ability to use a 200GB micro SD card. My girlfriend has a 64 GB iPhone and is constantly deleting her photos to keep space for more or for updates.

The last Android phone my girlfriend had was an Verizon Droid. A LOT has changed since in terms of Android and hardware for the better but I still think she might has a difficult time adjusting to Android since it has so many more options and features in many aspects compared to iOS. Overall her switching to Android was a big shock and really a true testament to how far Android and Samsung have come in the past year. For her Apple used to be the perfect marriage of performance, ease, and "it" appeal but now she has received social meeting messages form her girlfriends about her switch to Android saying how they were jealous. When catty materialistic girls are jealous of an Android phone you know Android is on the rise


March 30, 2016, 4:00 pm

Yeah, many people don't matter about the hardware. They want shinier, easier to use, etc. Plus, if we consider the resale of our used phone, still Apple is worthier. I am an engineer who knows pretty much about both hardware and software. I am still using iPhone4s and now is time to upgrade. I know Galaxy S7 is much better in many points than iPhone 6s (plus). Just because I am lazy to change my accustomed usage of the smartphone not as smart way, afraid of migrating all the data from iOS to Android, even if I want to use some of Android Apps which are never avail in iOS, I am hesitating to move to Galaxy and waiting for iPhone 7.


March 31, 2016, 4:14 pm

The irony in you calling people fanboys... Look around you, there are 10 times as many Samsung fanboys around, and they're 10 times as annoying as the worst Apple fanboys. If you can't see that, you're probably (and your comment supports this) one of them.


March 31, 2016, 4:16 pm

Fallacies. You can make a list of features in a junk pile that a Rolls Royce doesn't have. Does it make it objectively better? No. Besides, most of your points are subjective or contested.


April 9, 2016, 7:31 pm

i wish people would stop this madness and go and buy themselves dslr or mirrorless cameras. Come on guys, don't be lazy. Leave the phone at home tomorrow and take the camera.

rohan ninan

April 9, 2016, 8:04 pm

"madness?" Smartphone cameras are amazing these days, and I don't know about you, but most people don't want to spend an extra few couple of hundred of pounds on a DSLR, nor have to carry around a huge camera.


April 9, 2016, 8:54 pm

"most people don't want to spend an extra few couple of hundred of pounds on a DSLR, nor have to carry around a huge camera" - hence my comment on laziness.

What happened your passion man?

rohan ninan

April 10, 2016, 8:14 am

My passion for what. All I, and much of the public want to do is to able to take good photos, which is what are phones can do. It's not a matter of being lazy, for some people, a smartphone is expensive enough, then throw in another few hundred for a camera? No way. And if you want, i'll call myself lazy for not wanting to carry around a DSLR everyday just in case there is a shot I want to take instead of taking it on my phone.


April 10, 2016, 1:55 pm

Oh so you don't have any passion. Characterless consumer-ware that is 100% electronic and software-based is good enough for you. No control over aperture, focal length, shutter speed. Have you ever driven a manual? Probably not.
You're the type who would settle for an electronic, driverless car. So then this is not for you, but all of those who's DSLR's are gathering dust. They are the same crowd who's Nikon FE's started gathering dust when DSLR's were still new. But you would not know what a Nikon FE is, and you probably have no idea what film is neither.

Enjoy your 5x3mm sensor. And remember, if it's not good enough, Instagram will always have a cool filter for you!


April 10, 2016, 3:37 pm

Hol-ee sh!t. I really wish these reviews would just compare specs and not come down to "it's better but... iOS is better than Android so it's a draw". Oh sweet Jebus. Just. Stop."

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