Medion GoPal PNA465

As noted earlier, what really separates most GPS devices is the software and this is even more the case when looking at two identical pieces of hardware. The GoPal PNA465 is the middle member of Medion's new GoPal PNA 4 Series range of sat nav's. It ships with UK, Ireland and European street level maps, and features TMC traffic reports via an external antenna which plugs into the headphone jack.

This supposedly allows for on-the-fly re-routing based on traffic information, though our experience with any number of GPS units using the system have found it to be superfluous. The external antenna is annoying and ugly, while the traffic information is only as good as the humans who input it – in this case badly! In which case it's slightly annoying that one can't ask for a detour manually, without the need for a congestion report prior as is the case with CoPilot.

In the box you'll be greeted by a USB cable, universal power charger and an in-car charger each utilising the mini-USB port on the device, along with a height adjustable car mount and the 1GB memory card for storing maps. Also found on the card is Berlitz City Guide, which provides lots of useful touristy information for fifty major European destinations. This, combined with the maps means not much space is left on the memory card for music or photos which are also supported, though that's hardly a great loss.

The whole range uses Medion's own GoPal Navigator 2.0 AE software, utilising Navteq mapping on a base of Windows CE 5.0. Overall it provides an excellent navigation experience, with a great interface and fast intelligent routing. When firing up the navigation software you go straight to the enter location screen, which is nicely arranged with Last Locations running along the top. You can search by postcode, town or road name, or alternatively for a POI in a certain location. Thanks to the large screen it's easy to operate with a finger, a fact helped by the generously sized menu buttons.

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