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The other things you notice are some niggles with the user interface. For example, when you click on an application, you're not immediately shown a description of the app. Instead you're presented with the download button and have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to actually find out what the app does. Surely swapping this around would have been a better idea. Lists of applications can also be a tad slow to load, even over Wi-Fi and this can be especially annoying when you need to scroll through long lists.

There are some other issues too. To buy applications from the store you need to set up a Paypal account, as you can't just pay directly via a credit card. This seems somewhat at odds with Blackberry's rather corporate image and also means you have to jump through a few more hoops to make purchases on App World than you do on Apple's App Store.

Blackberry has also set a first tier price bracket of $2.99 for all applications. So an application will either be free or cost at a very minimum $2.99 (this is converted by PayPal into UK pounds using the current exchange rate, so prices will fluctuate over time in Blighty; currently it's around the £2 mark). This doesn't compare all that favourably to Apple's App Store where a large number of smaller applications are priced at the 59p mark. While £2 is an acceptable entry price point for serious apps, for many novelty applications (which let's face it are a big attraction for many users in terms of personalising their phone) it may be a bit off-putting.

These issues are on the whole pretty minor and most may be addressed in the short term by RIM - the company has already released a small update to fix some connectivity issues some users were experiencing. So overall, we have to say that App World is off to a pretty decent start.

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