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Raw workflow using Adobe Lightroom

Once you have your images in the Library there are a number of ways to view, organise and select the best. We'll start with the main window, which should be displaying all of your images in a grid. Double clicking on an image will bring that image into the main window, and clicking on the grid symbol in the left hand corner will take you back to the grid view. You also have a filmstrip view at the bottom of the screen from which you can scroll and select images. This dual window system is useful, as we'll see next.

If you have similar images and wish to compare them, you can select multiple images (Ctrl/Opt click) and compare them by clicking on the compare button (XY in the lower left) or the survey button (next one along on the right). This is where the filmstrip comes in useful as you can have a large image open and navigate the other thumbnails from the filmstrip.

When you've made your selections, there are a number of ways of organising them into favourites. You can click one of the flags at the bottom of the picture to mark as a ‘pick' or a ‘reject', or you can rate them with a star system from 0-5. Another option is to colour code them by right clicking and choosing the colour from the drop down menu. You can also organise the images into stacks, so similar images or rejected images can be put into a ‘pile' and reduce screen real estate.

Once you've selected the images by any of these methods you can then switch on the filters on the bottom right of the screen to only display those images with your selected rating/colour code (or combination of both).

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