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Tagan DualEngine 550W (TG550-U25)

To look at, both in specification and physically, the Tagan DualEngine is incredibly similar to the TurboJet 900W. I can’t help but think of the Radeon 9500 Pro which could be unlocked to 9700 Pro using nothing but a pencil. Tagan did inform me that they are actually very different.

The four pin, eight pin and the two PCI-E connectors are braided in the same way as the supplied kettle lead, which is metal, covered in plastic. There is an also a dedicated braided VGA molex should you be running an AGP system. This has a few less connectors than the TurboJet with four molex and ten SATA connectors.

Using the same twin 80mm fan system, it suffers from the same problem of being fairly noisy once it gets going. It’s a little quieter than the 900W unit, but then it is two thirds of the power.

There are four 12V rails all with 20A available, identical to the TurboJet 900W. However, the difference is the simultaneous output of only 41A instead of 72A. This means that any high current device has just as much chance of running on this as it does on the 900W, but it means it wouldn’t have anywhere near enough power for something like Quad SLI. It would quite happily cope with Crossfire or SLI though.

During testing voltages were rock solid, barely faltering. Efficiency was also good, at around 83 per cent. You won’t see much better than this on a PSU, in both stability and efficiency. Overclocking yielded a healthy 27.9A before cut out.

This is a rock solid efficient power supply. To some, £85.76 might seem a bit much, but I think you get what you pay for – a power supply you’re going to keep for a while.

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