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Tagan TurboJet 900W (TG900-U95)

The Tagan TurboJet 900W is currently one of the only power supplies on the market that Quad SLI ready. nVidia has been using it in all of its test systems and the Tagain has been performing well (unlike Quad SLI). This is testament enough to the fact it’s a good power supply.

Considering you can’t currently build a Quad SLI machine yourself, only a complete machine, then being able to buy this power supply is of questionable value right now. However, DIY Quad SLI is definitely on nVidia’s road map and this is certainly an option for those who like to go overboard on their rigs.

The whole power supply is presented in a brown faux-leather suit case. I’m not sure how often you like to take your power supply out and about, but I’m guessing it’s not all that often. I assume the idea is that we will use the suitcase for something else – quite what is an interesting topic.

Included with the PSU is a braided kettle lead. This isn’t braided in the same way as ATX connectors, but a metal braid that is then covered in plastic, much in the same way the Hope disc brakes are on my mountain bike. It’s arguable if this has any function, but it looks really cool!

All four of the PCI-E connectors are braided in the same manner. Everything else, including the six molex connectors and the amazing 12 SATA connectors have the standard braiding. 12 SATA connectors is a lot, but I’m sure there is someone out there that will take advantage of this. If not, there are four adapters provided that convert from SATA to molex, so that you can have a few more molex connectors.

To cool this incredibly heavy unit are two 80mm fans to pull the air straight through. This is surprisingly quiet when idle, but really quite noisy when things get tough.

All four rails are 20A, but the total allowed at once is 72A, just a little under the maximum. Rails three and four are completely isolated to solely provide power to the graphics cards.

During testing the voltages were rock solid and well within spec. Efficiency was also excellent at around 83%. 12V3 did increase to 12.57V at 100 per cent, which is a little on the high side but not a problem. In overclocking, it cut out at 24A.

Overall, this is a nice package and good quality power supply. At £164.37 it is incredibly expensive, but it’s the same price as the Etasis. It is slightly noisier than the Etasis but you get more performance - and a nice carry case...

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