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Thermaltake Purepower 600W

Thermaltake seem to be quite a popular brand amongst the enthusiast segment, mainly because of its price. At £76.32 this is quite cheap for a 600W unit.

The first thing that hit me upon using this power supply is the noise. It’s very loud - uncomfortably so. This is surprising for a 120mm fan, but what is more surprising is that it also runs quite warm. This is due to a slightly low efficiency figure of between 77 and 81 per cent (80 per cent quoted) and possibly the use of underspecced equipment. All the cables are braided and there are eight molex connectors as well as an extra two specifically for fans. There are four SATA connectors and two PCI-E connectors.

This is a triple rail design and quite strangely balanced, with 14, 23 and 15A respectively. Intelligently, both of the PCI-E connectors come off the second rail with 23A to distribute. This is still a little low for two cards to run off, but better than most. What annoyed me is how they have quoted 52A across the 12V rails in the info on the back of the box, yet this would be 624W, which is above the power supplies maximum output. When taking the 5V load in to account you have more like 46A available for use. This is a bad design.

During testing, voltages were fine although the 12V did drop a little as load increased though not substantially. Efficiency also decreased from 81 to 77 per cent. This is a little on the low side, but not bad. What both impressed me and worried me, was the overclocking. I had 12V2 all the way up to 36.5A and it still didn’t cut out. The reason I couldn’t go any further was because the testing machine was overheating. From a safety aspect, it is a little worrying that it didn’t shut down, so it is technically not complying to the ATX 2.2 standard.

Although the overclocking is obviously not an official rating, if you are building a CrossFire machine on a budget this might actually be a good choice. That aside this is a fairly cheap and capable power supply – albeit distractingly noisy.

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