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Qtechnology QT-03350G

As far as I can tell, Q Technology is actually a completely different company to Q-Tec. Considering how bad a reputation Q-Tec has for making power supplies you would think Q Technology would have gone out of its way to not be associated with them.

350W really isn’t a lot of power. It’s even less power considering that the figures quoted on the sides are peak figures. Inside the manual it suggests not running at the peak figures for more than 12 seconds. Considering they don’t actually provide continuous output figures either, it meant I had to use these figures for testing.

The unit uses a 120mm fan so it's naturally pretty quiet and all the cables are braided, which is a nice touch. There are only four molex connectors, four SATA connectors a single PCI-E connector, so this is obviously pitched at a low end system.

Amazingly, despite being only 350W, this is actually a dual-rail design, with a 10A and 15A rail. The PCI-E connector comes off 12V1, leaving very little power to power a graphics card.

During testing, voltages were initially stable and within specification. However, as load was increased the 12V voltages started dropping. This was accompanied by an increasing smell. Although it managed the full 20 minutes at load, the smell was quite prominent and the voltage had dropped to 11.40V, which is only just in specification. The smell indicates over-heating and imminent failure. Although the PSU didn’t cut out, in my eyes this PSU is a failure.

Very bravely, I decided to overclock this and at 18A on 12V1 it was still going. As I didn’t particularly want to start a fire I left it at this point, demonstrating that in all likeliness there is no cut off implemented.

At £57.58, this is a lot of money for what is just a nicely packaged shoddy power supply. I wouldn’t put this anywhere near a PC unless I had a particular dislike for the owner.

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