Nesteq NA 6201

The Nesteq NA 6201 was sent to us by as a recommend unit for running a quiet machine. It is quoted as a 620W unit with 83 per cent efficiency, so things look good on paper. Using a 120mm fan, it is actually very quiet, but no more so than most of the units that use 120mm fans now. Despite actually having a fan, Nesteq claim 0db noise - I’d be interested to know how they are measuring that. On the back of the unit there is a switch for enabling an automatic thermally adjusting fan speed, or a manual fan speed. It’s nice to have control over this as sometimes a variance in pitch can be more annoying than a continual noise.

The unit feels good quality and all of the cables are braided. There are eight molex connectors and four SATA connectors. There are also two PCI-E for SLI use. Looking at the specification, it looks amazing with 12V1 being 18A and 12V2 being a whopping 30A. This is actually against the Intel specification and quite a high rating. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nesteq is actually quoting peak figures. Thankfully, the PCI-E connectors are running off this beefier second rail, which means this should work for SLI or CrossFire pretty well.

Under testing however, it was unfortunately, a mess. Up until 60 per cent it was working fine, but upon moving to 80 per cent load it made strange noises before eventually dying. It did at least do this gracefully with no pops, burns or smells but instead it just shut down and refused to turn on again. The whole time, the fan didn’t spin up once, despite trying to every second or so. I have a feeling that the switch on the back of the PSU might be faulty and caused this failure.

This failure is an unfortunate outcome as on paper the power supply does look very good. However at £149.99, this is a lot of money to pay for a 620W unit. Not much more and you could buy the Etasis 850W which is just as quiet and much more powerful.

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