When I pulled the FSP400-60GLN out of the box, its relatively low weight and standard steel finish really concerned me. My gut reaction was that it just wasn’t going to be any good. However, FSP is a celebrated brand so I tried to look past the exterior. This is another power supply aimed at being highly efficient and low noise, but this time with a relatively low wattage, with only 400W on a dual-rail design.

None of the cables are braided, sticking to the budget feel of the unit, but it is 24-pin. There are six molex connectors and one PCI-E connectors. There are only two SATA connectors but this is plenty for most users.

The power supply has two 12V rails, rated at 14 and 15A. This makes it quite close in power to the 700W FSP, just with fewer rails. PCI-E comes off 12V1 shared with everything except the four pin connection. I think this would struggle to work with a decent CPU and graphics combination, let alone multi-gpu or multi-core.

The FSP400 uses a single 120mm fan and keeps very quiet. The air being outputted was very cool too, possibly due to its efficient design. It is quoted at 85 per cent but we found it to be more like 82 per cent. Voltages were stable and well within specification. Overclocking cut out at 18A, which is a respectable tolerance and gives a little bit of leg room for sudden peaks.

There is nothing really wrong with this power supply. It does supply what it says it does and is very efficient and cool, but 400W would only just be powerful enough for a medium range computer or media PC. At £50.88, it’s hardly cheap, but it is quiet and works out a lot better value than buying one of the completely silent solutions.

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