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FSP Epsilon FX700-GLN 700W

Until recently, FSP has not done particularly well in the retail channel but has made a killing in the OEM market. This is all starting to change as a lot of effort has gone into marketing its products in retail. Obviously the budget that went in to designing the packaging was fairly limited, as it feels like something from the 1990s, but who cares about packaging anyway?

The power supply itself is a standard size with a 120mm fan and a metallic sparkly blue finish. Noise is fairly minimal as it is with most 120mm units. All the cables are braided with six molex, six SATA and two PCI-E connectors.

This is a quad-rail design, with a rather underpowered 15A on each. This is also limited to 50A across all of them combined. Unlike most of the power supplies, where we had to work out what rail each plug was running on, FSP were nice enough to label which rail powers what on the side of the PSU. The primary PCI-E connector runs solely off 12V4, while the secondary connector shares 12V2 with the CPU.

Testing went fine, although there was a noticeable drop on the 12V lines as load increased, going from 12.13V to 11.80V on 12V1 and proportionally similar amounts on the other 12V rails. Although this is still within specification, it does show signs of struggle. When overclocking, it cut out at 22A, which is quite a bit above the rated 15A, so it should cope if you decide to throw a little extra at it.

At £103.39, this isn’t a lot for 700W of power. But when you consider that this 700W is shared across four rails, it’s actually a fairly underpowered power supply. I’d sooner go for a 550-600W unit across two or three rails to get a little more amperage, despite this PSU being on ATI's approved list of PSUs.

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