Etasis ET850 850W

Etasis is a fairly new brand in the UK. Although we reviewed its 300W silent unit in the last group test and its 550W this time around, I wasn’t expecting to see a contender in the high end area. 850W is a lot of power and is only really needed for running a Quad SLI machine. Considering Quad SLI can currently only be purchased as a whole machine, then being able to buy a power supply for that purpose seems a bit pointless.

Etasis has obviously had to shoehorn a lot into this unit, so it’s a little oversized and annoyingly it uses a single 80mm fan instead of a 120mm. Strangely though, this unit is incredibly quiet, far better than the noisy Tagan 900W unit.

Naturally there are four PCI-E cables, braided in blue. The ATX, four pin and eight pin connectors are also braided, but in black. The rest of the cables aren’t braided, but twisted instead. There are eight molex connectors as well as eight SATA connectors.

Each of the four rails is capable of 18A, with a limit of 70A across all four – which is close to its 72A theoretical limit anyway. That’s 840W excluding anything else in the power supply! The PCI-E connectors come off 12V3 and 12V4, leaving 12V1 and 12V2 to power the processor(s).

During testing the unit did get a little warm, but voltages were stable and within specification. Efficiency was quite high at around 83 per cent. The unit did get a little on the hot side, but it didn’t cut out during testing so it’s obviously been specified to cope with this. Overclocking resulted in the unit cutting out at 18.8A. This isn’t much of a tolerance and means that high current drawing devices could have issues.

At £164.49 this is an immense amount of money to spend on something that you get the least amount of enjoyment out of buying for your PC. Even if you are planning on building a dual-core SLI setup, this would be overkill in most systems. However, at least you won’t be constantly worrying about having enough power. Compared to the Tagan 900W, it is the same price but lower powered and with less tolerance for overclocking. It is slightly quieter though, should noise be a big factor.

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