Etasis EFN-560

This power supply is quite similar to the Antec Phantom, being a silent yet high powered power supply. It is quite heavy as the clay coloured outside of the PSU acts as a heatsink. Where an exhaust fan would traditionally be is a heatsink that wouldn’t look out of place on a CPU. At the other end of the PSU is an 80mm fan.

“Silent” is a little misleading as it is only silent when operating at 300W or less. Above this and in theory the 80mm fan should kick in, keeping the temperature low enough to operate at 550W.

Only the ATX connector is braided, but the rest of the cables are twisted to give them a rounded feel and should make them a little tidier. This is actually a 20-pin PSU, but it comes with an adapter to work as a 24-pin PSU. There is also no PCI-E connector, but instead an adapter is included for converting three molex connections into one. This is similar to the adapters included with most graphics cards nowadays.

This is a single rail power supply, rated at 18A at 300W or 32A at 550W. 32A is quite a lot and might actually be enough to power a CrossFire setup. Considering how noisy a CrossFire setup is though, power supply noise is probably your last concern and money would be better spent on an even beefier unit, to play on the safe side.

Testing this unit was a little disappointing as the fan refused to spin up, causing the unit to shut down when it hit 60c. It’s good to see it has thermal cut-outs, but worrying that the fan didn’t work. After a couple of tries, eventually the fan decided to spin up. I would suggest that this unit is faulty. The fan was barely audible, but it was powerful enough to keep the PSU cool. Voltages were stable and well within specification. Efficiency was a little on the low side - below 80 per cent, which could well be why it was a little on the hot side.

This is a very similar price to the Antec Phantom, but somehow feels more dated – possibly due to the 20-pin, no PCI-E design. If I were choosing between the two, unless I really needed a single rail design, I would choose the Antec for it’s higher efficiency and cooler running.

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