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SilverStone Zeus ST65ZF

A feeling of Déjà Vu is apparent when you compare the SilverStone Zeus ST65F and the Akasa Powerplus AK-P650FF BK as the two PSUs are made by the same company. The housing is identical, but there are some differences.

First of all the fan is different in the SilverStone. It’s actually not as good quality, but it makes less noise. Saying that, the Zeus is far from silent, just less noisy that the Akasa. Again the problem is with the single 80mm fan in a 650W PSU – it works, but only if the fan is running at full speed.

The cables differ as well, as the Molex and SATA power cables on the Zeus are not covered by any kind of braiding. There are six Molex connectors – split between two cables, both terminating in a floppy connector, and four SATA power connectors split over two cables. The main power connector supports ATX and EPS style motherboard connectors as four pins are detachable.

As with the Cooler Master PSU, the Zeus has an SSI power connector, which makes sense for a workstation and server class type product. Add to this an eight-pin +12V connector – which comes with a suitable adaptor for four-pin motherboards – and dual PCI Express power connectors and you got a pretty solid feature set. It’s worth noting that the Zeus shares the 12V rails look slightly different to those on the Powerplus, but SilverStone didn’t provide the details on how the rails are wired up.

Efficiency isn’t great either, but at 100 per cent load the Zeus beats the Powerplus by a fair margin. The reason for this is because the two PSUs are rated slightly differently and as SilverStone has gone down the conservative route, they get one up on Akasa.

The voltages are well within spec, so no complaints here. The Zeus also passed the 1.5kV Hi-POT test and the stress test without any problems.

SilverStone is charging more for the Zeus than Akasa does for the Powerplus, but you do get that extra SSI connector, which could be crucial for a workstation or server motherboard, but at £94.46 it is anything but cheap.


The SilverStone Zeus ST65F is for anyone interested in a dual CPU SLI workstation or a high-end pedestal server and there is very little between it and the Akasa Purepower.

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