Seasonic S12-600

Seasonic was a brand we became familiar with during the last group test and the new S12 unit is a vast improvement. For the style conscious the casing now comes in matt black, far better than the grey colour of the older model. But what is even more important is that SeaSonic has managed to improve its efficiency by a fair amount and on all but the 25 per cent load. The S12-600 is a clear winner here.

But if you’re not bothered by power usage, efficiency isn’t going to bother you to any greater extent, but luckily the S12-600 has a lot more going for it. As the name suggests this is a 600W PSU, more power than anyone could possibly need in a home PC right now.

The cables aren’t as tidy as some of the other PSUs as they’re not braided, which really is a shame. However, it could be worse as SeaSonic has twisted the wires and this keeps things slightly tidier. But at least SeaSonic provides a set of cable tidies and some spiral wrap to keep things neater inside your PC. You also get a fan splitter for one high-speed and two low-speed fans.

There are plenty of connection options with a 20/24-pin ATX/EPS style power connector, eight and four-pin +12V connectors, six Molex connectors on two cables – each terminating in a floppy connector – four SATA connectors on two cables and finally a unique PCI Express power configuration. SeaSonic has fitted both of the PCI Express power connectors on the same cable with only a small gap between the two connectors – which in theory should be fine for most motherboards, but might not work with some upcoming Crossfire products. To make sure this was a workable solution, we tested this in an SLI setup and can report that there were no power problems despite our initial concerns.

The voltages where generally good, although the 3.3V rail was on the low side, but by no means below spec. Oddly enough the PFC efficiency was lower than expected, but this is no real concern as it doesn’t affect the PSU in any way. The S12-600 passed the stress test and the 1.5kV Hi-POT test without any problems.

However, there is one problem with the SeaSonic S12-600 and that is the price, as at £93.99 it’s one of the most expensive PSUs on test. But if you want a very efficient PSU for a high-power PC this is the one to go for.


The Seasonic SS12-600 offers plenty of power, excellent efficiency and offer decent features, but at a fairly steep price.

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