X-Pro MPT-460P

X-Pro is a brand that we haven’t come across previously. The MPT-460P is the second cheapest PSU on test and has a 460W rating

The casing is finished in a shiny dark brown finish and has a single 120mm bottom mounted fan with blue LEDs. Cable wise you get a 24-pin EPS style connector with four removable pins for older 20-pin motherboards. This is one of only two PSUs on test to feature the older six-pin AUX connector.

A four-pin +12V is also present, as well as two SATA connectors. Eight Molex connectors are split between three cables, but oddly enough the two with three cables terminates in floppy connectors – not an ideal configuration. All the cables are covered in orange mesh braiding.

The test results where all well within spec, though the efficiency wasn’t great at 100 per cent load, not that that is a likely scenario. The X-Pro is using a passive PFC and produced a slight humming noise at higher loads. It also passed the stress test and the 1.5kV Hi-POT test with out any incidents.

The only downside of the X-Pro would be the lack any PCI Express graphics power connectors, as this means that its physically impossible to a dual graphics cards wit this PSU. Other than that, this is a pretty good PSU at a reasonable price, but it doesn’t stand out from the crowd.


A good mid-range alternative, that doesn’t cost a fortune. It has a few shortcomings for newer systems, particularly the inability to run dual graphics, but if you have an old machine and need a replacement PSU this might just be what you’ve been looking for.

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