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Ultra Xconnect X-ULT500PFC

Last time around Ultra didn’t do too well, but we’re happy to report that things have improved vastly. However, this model is fairly old by now as it doesn’t offer support for 24-pin EPS style power connectors and there is no native support for SATA drives.

However, if you have an older PC and are looking for a replacement PSU this might be just what you need as it comes with a six-pin AUX connector, something that you won’t find on newer PSUs. It comes with a +12V cable and five Molex cables.

Two of these terminate in a single connector, another pair terminates in two connectors and the last one has a further two and a floppy connector. A SATA power splitter is also provided, but this means that 3.3V SATA devices aren’t supported. Nor is a PCI Express power connector part of the package, but most graphics cards still come with splitters so it’s not a major issue.

The ATX power cable is detachable as with the old version, not an ideal choice, but as you can buy differently coloured cable kits from Ultra it kind of makes sense. All of the cables are metal braided and covered in see-through plastic.

The case finish is first class and has a definite bling factor. The Ultra has two 80mm fans, one in the rear and one in the base. The bottom mounted fan has an Ultra fan grill fitted, which looks cool but blocks some of the air flow.

If you’ve read the previous PSU group test you might have noticed that this is pretty much the same Ultra PSU as last time. Most of the changes have been done internally and the European model now features active Power Factor Correction.

The voltages are within spec as well; although at 100 per cent load the 3.3 and 5V measurements were quite low. There was one slight glitch during the testing and that was that the Xconnect didn’t meet the 70 per cent efficiency requirement at 100 per cent load. Now this is not a major disaster, it just means that it is not very power efficient. Also at high loads – 75 per cent and upwards – a very loud shrieking noise could be heard every 30 seconds or so on our review sample. There were no issues with the stress test and the Xconnect also passed the 1.5kV Hi-POT test.

However, we feel that £76.36 for what could generally be called an out of date PSU is quite steep, especially as there are much better modular PSUs available for about the same money.


Ultra has fixed the problems we encountered last time around, but the Xconnect is slightly out of date and quite expensive considering the features you get, but there is no denying that it looks flash.

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