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PodGear JumpSuit

Rubber iPod cases have become pretty common over the years, with the iSkin proving to be one of the most popular. But PodGear also has a solution in this area as well – the JumpSuit.

The JumpSuit isn’t quite the same as the iSkin, since it doesn’t have a belt clip, but it does fit the 4th generation iPod very snugly and looks less bulky than the iSkin. But what really impresses about the JumpSuit case is that you get three in the box.

For only £19.99 you’re getting three different colour rubber cases for your iPod along with three screen protectors. Of course these are only sticky plastic sheets to avoid scratches and won’t protect your screen from knocks like the IceBox will.

To me, the JumpSuit is a bit of fun for fashion conscious iPod users – you know who I mean, the ones who change the colour of their mobile phones every day and expect you to notice. For me though, I think the iPod looks best natural, which is why I like the IceBox so much.


If you really want a rubber skin for your iPod, you could do a lot worse than go for the JumpSuit. For the price of one iSkin, you’re getting three, different coloured JumpSuites. Just don’t expect full protection for the Apple of your eye.

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