3M MPro150

While we wait impatiently for 3M’s new, hugely swanky looking MPro180 to slip almost unnoticed through our letterbox, the brand’s MPro150 is capable of filling the time with a capable enough if hardly earth-shattering performance.

It certainly hits the mark in design terms, with its elongated but amazingly slender form and slinky black finish. It’s surprisingly comfortable to set up for such a tiny thing, too, aside from a rather imprecise focus wheel.

Its diminutive form doesn’t stop it handling a more than adequate selection of different sources, either. You can play back composite video feeds, digital photos, mobile phone files, and PC presentation, with a simple interface making it easy to skip between the things you want.

PC users will also like the MPro150’s provision of 1GB of built-in memory, with extra memory addable via SD card.

The MPro150‘s appeal reduces slightly with its picture performance, though. Initially this doesn’t seem likely to be the case, since the projector pumps out a surprisingly high level of brightness for such a small-bodied thing. But once you’ve taken that on board, a number of weakness start to stand out too.

Colours, in particular, frequently look odd in tone, especially where skin is concerned. Even ‘normal’ people end up looking like a souped-up version of David Dickinson, leaving us thankful indeed that we didn’t actually get to see what David Dickinson himself might look like when put through the MPro150’s ‘orangisation’ filter!

The MPro150’s pictures also look rather soft and short of detail - a result, very likely, of its lowly 640 x 480 pixels native resolution. Finally, the projector emits a slightly annoying whine when running at full tilt.

What this all adds up to is a pocket projector that’s more usable than you might expect given its tiny size, but not one we’d personally want to own.

Price: £282

Supplier: www.it247.com

Projection Technology: DLP

Native resolution: 640 x 480 pixels

Score: 6

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