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MicroVision ShowWX

Thanks, we presume, to its groundbreaking laser lighting technology, the ShowWX is remarkably slim and light even by pocket projector standards. It weighs just 122g in its cotton socks - even with its battery fitted - and measures just 60(w) x 118(d) x 14(h)mm. Sod pocket sized - you could fit three or four of these in a typical jacket pocket if you could think of any compelling reason to do so.

A striking blue finish and some appealingly rounded corners wrap up the ShowWX’s enormous ‘gadget’ appeal, leave you hoping it might just turn out to be the pocket projector equivalent of the iPhone.

The ShowWX is hit and miss on the spec front, though. On the upside it supports iPod connectivity, has a native widescreen resolution of 848 x 480 pixels, and ships with a micro-USB cable, a composite video adaptor, and a storage pouch. On the downside it doesn’t include a VGA dock for PC connection as standard, making you pay extra for it.

Unfortunately the ShowWX’s picture quality also belongs very much to the ‘downside’.

In fact, it’s pants.

The problems are numerous, and devastating. First and worst, its pictures are so lacking in brightness it’s hard to even spot them in any sort of ambient light. And even in a dark room you have to squint to figure out what’s going on.

Moving video images jerk around like someone taking their first driving test, meanwhile, and colours look horribly muted. And to top it all - literally - you have to put up with a weird ‘shininess’ over the surface of the picture that makes the image behind it even harder to make out than it was in any case. Shudder.

The ShowWX might be extraordinarily portable and sound on paper like a James Bond wet dream, but the reality is about as useful as a shrink-wrapped teabag.

Price: £449 (what!?)

Supplier: www.digitalera.co.uk

Projection technology: Laser

Native resolution 848 x 480 pixels

Score: 4

Personal Projector

April 9, 2013, 10:12 am

for a more updated list of pocket projectors take a look at the personal projector website as the ones above now date back to the ark in terms of LED

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