BenQ Joybee GP1

Despite the long passage of time since we first tested it nearly 18 months ago, the GP1 still looks startlingly cute thanks to its really small, sub-600g body and the bold mix of gloss black and gloss white in its colour scheme. It comes with a small but surprisingly useful remote too, helping it be one of the more usable pocket projectors we’ve come across.

The GP1 continues to look very flexible in terms of the sources it can take, too. Composite video and PC feeds are both on the cards, for instance, and stumping up 30 quid for an optional dock means you can also stream video from an iPod if you so desire.

All that, and we haven’t even mentioned the GP1’s USB port yet. This can handle a really excellent array of multimedia formats, including JPEGs, .avi, MP4, .mov, TIFF, GIF, BMP, and DivX.

Easily the most pleasantly surprising thing about the GP1, though, is how well its picture quality holds up against today’s newer rivals. Brightness is always the biggest problem for any pocket projector, yet the GP1’s pictures remain adequately punchy - at least in a darkened room - right up to around 60in across.

Its colours still look richer than many rival projectors too (perhaps slightly too much so, in fact), contrast is still perfectly acceptable, and images look passably - though certainly not class-leadingly - sharp.

There’s a little noise over fine detail areas, the native resolution is 4:3 in ratio rather than 16:9, and the projector runs a bit noisily, but other than that, revisiting the GP1 certainly justifies our decision to make it the ‘old timer’ for the newer models to beat.

Price: £390.56


Projection Technology: DLP

Native resolution: 858 x 600 pixels

Score: 8

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