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Iomega Micro Mini Hard Drive 8Gb

The Iomega also has a case included in the package but it’s soft rather than hard with a clip to secure it. This might be in its favour should it fall as the soft case will cushion it. There’s no lanyard hook though. The drive also features a blue light but it’s a bit puny next to the one on the Sony.

The drive has a rather more drab appearance to it than the Sony, and the case doesn’t feel quite as solid but 3GB is 3GB and that’s where the Iomega leaves the Sony standing. It doesn’t skimp on the software either. Iomega bundles a free web-based FolderShare account. This is a rather nifty backup utility that transfers data in a shared folder over the Internet to your account using P2P, so you can share it with a second computer, just by logging in via a web browser.

This would be fantastic where it not for the message on the homepage that says, this. “Due to the recent acquisition of FolderShareTM by Microsoft® announced on November 4, 2005, this service will be discontinued in the upcoming months…. Iomega is evaluating alternative services to replace FolderShare. However, we have not found one that fulfills our stringent quality requirements. Please check back regularly for updates”.

Great. Thanks Microsoft.

Also included in the Iomega CD is a copy of MusicMatch and Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0.

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