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Sony MicroVault Pro 5GB

Let’s take a look at the Sony first. It’s housed in a very smart blue coloured brushed metal housing, embossed with the Sony logo. There’s a large circular area with 5GB written on it, and this glows blue when you insert the drive and flashes when there’s disk access. Though this does look cool, on one occasion I was watching a video file directly from the drive in a darkened room and the flashing light proved to be a distraction.

The words MicroVault Pro are also written on the chassis. This refers to the fact that on the drive is software that enables you to sync files from your PC automatically. There’s an executable in a folder and you just have to run this to install it. Once installed a ‘Media is now available’ status balloon pops up in the Windows system tray. The synchronization can be set for a drive of folder of your choice and can occur when you plug the drive in, when a file is closed, at set intervals or manually. It can also keep a number of versions for extra security. When you plug the drive in, an icon shows up to clearly indicate which drive letter is the Sony.

The Vault comes a plastic case, which the drive fits into tightly. There’s a lanyard hook on the case so you can hang it round your neck if you wish. With the case the Sony weighs in a 5.7g, a touch more than the Iomega but the difference is negligible.

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