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Resistance: Fall of Man

Of all the titles that appeared for the original PlayStation 3 launch back in November, Resistance: Fall of Man was probably the stand out game. What you’ve got in Resistance is a first person shooter that’s trying to do for the PlayStation 3, what Halo did for the original Xbox. Unfortunately, Resistance: Fall of Man isn’t quite good enough to justify the purchase of a console, especially one as pricey as the PS3, but it is a pretty enjoyable FPS romp.

Resistance is set in a UK were the Second World War never happened. Instead of Nazis trying to take over the world, a bunch of pesky aliens called the Chimera have set their sights on Blighty. Amazingly, even though the game is set in Britain, the hero is, of course, American. Clearly the British military just isn’t equipped to deal with hostile threats – heard of the SAS anyone?

Resistance looks good, but it doesn’t look so good that it blows you away. In fact, you’d be mistaken for thinking that it was a PC game from a year or so back – the textures and the lighting effects are up to par, but they’re not raising the bar in any way. In fact when I first started playing Resistance, it just felt like a bog standard first person shooter, albeit with some pretty cool location backdrops. However, after persevering for a while, the gameplay and action started to grow on me.

One of the stand out features of the game is the array of weaponry at your disposal. You’ve got everything from bog standard machine guns, to something reminiscent of the classic Doom plasma rifle. You even have a rifle that fires a homing dart, then every round will hit the dart, no matter where you’re aiming. The key to intelligent combat is using the right weapon for the right job, although you’ll often find yourself having to improvise when you run out of ammo for the gun you’d really like to be using.

Resistance offers a fairly varied and lengthy campaign, with an atmosphere that draws you in over time. There’s also a multiplayer online mode, with some maps allowing up to 40 players! You’ll find the usual array of multiplayer scenarios – deathmatch, CTF, team deathmatch etc. It’s all standard fare, and works fine, but I did find that Call of Duty 3 was a more enjoyable multiplayer experience.

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