Call of Duty 3

Where CoD3 lags behind its superb predecessor is in the gameplay and pacing. In Call of Duty 2 you always felt like you were achieving something, and levels were never any longer than they had to be, ensuring that the gameplay never became tedious. Add to this the fact that you fought in three different campaigns spanning the frozen wastes of Stalingrad, the heat hazed deserts of North Africa and the big push at Normandy, and you can see why CoD2 got players hooked. Things are far more linear in CoD3, with just one campaign to play with and you do sometimes find yourself wishing for some variety of environment.

But even though CoD3 lacks some of CoD2’s variety, it’s still an enjoyable game to play, and some of the set pieces are a real assault on your senses, leaving you feel as though you really have fought your way through enemy territory. There’s occasional use of the SixAxis control too – you’ll suddenly be grabbed by an enemy soldier, leaving you to waggle and shake the controller to get the better of him. It’s not the most precise of control methods, but it certainly makes you feel like you’ve been wrestling with a Nazi trying to kill you!

But the real beauty of Call of Duty 3 is the multiplayer mode, which also shows off just how good a job Sony has done with the PlayStation Network. I’ve spent altogether too long playing CoD3 online, it really is one of those “just one more round” kind of games. And with a wide variety of game types, maps and troops, the multiplayer side of CoD3 just never gets dull. Is CoD3 the best multiplayer console game? Well I’d be a brave man to say that it outstrips Gears of War, but I will admit that I find it just as enjoyable.

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