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Call of Duty 3


PlayStation 3 Launch Game Roundup

With the PlayStation 3 officially on sale in the UK and my mammoth review of the hardware done and dusted, I thought I’d put together a small roundup of some of the key launch titles that you may tempt you. Many of the PS3 launch titles have already been available on other platforms for a while, but that’s not necessarily a reason to discount them, especially if you haven’t played the other versions - one such game is Call of Duty 3.

When the Xbox 360 launched at the end of 2005, one of the stand out launch titles was Call of Duty 2. Not only was this a great X360 launch title, it was a fantastic first person shooter and arguably still one of the best available on Microsoft’s console. Call of Duty 3 on the PS3 doesn’t have quite the same impact for a number of reasons. First, as already mentioned, it’s been available for a long time on other platforms already, and second, it’s not quite as good a game as its predecessor. That said, if you don’t own CoD3 on another platform, it makes a strong case for itself to be in your collection.

You certainly won’t be complaining about the visuals in CoD3 – it’s definitely a great looking game with enough atmosphere to make you feel like you’re playing through Saving Private Ryan or Cross of Iron. The environments are highly detailed and convincing, the rain and particle effects are believable, and the explosions are suitably disorientating. There’s liberal use of HDR effects too, which really add to the atmosphere – I’m also glad to say that the HDR seems to work both ways, whereby moving from bright areas to dark ones is made just as difficult as moving from dark areas to bright ones. There’s no doubt that CoD3 succeeds in its quest to recreate the carnage of World War 2 and the fear and desperation that enveloped its soldiers.

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