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Shooting for Online Auctions


Photography Tutorial - Shooting for Online Auctions

Buying and selling items via online auction sites such as eBay has become extremely popular over the past few years, as more and more people get fast Internet connections, and the sites themselves become easier and safer to use. It’s a simple matter now to post unwanted items for sale online, complete with photographs to show potential buyers what they’re bidding on. However, most people still don’t take full advantage of this service. Think about it for a moment; who would you prefer to buy from, a seller with a good looking advert with some nice clear professional-looking photos of the item for sale, or from someone whose product shots are dark, murky and taken from an awkward angle? Some people seem to think that this is perfectly acceptable:

Whereas with a little preparation and some simple, cheap home-made equipment you can advertise your online auctions with photos like this:

A good photo of your product looks a lot more professional, and inspires confidence that the seller is reliable and trustworthy, so your auction is more likely to be successful. Here's how to do it...

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