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Landscape Photography Part 1


Digital Photography Tutorial - Landscape Photography Part 1

Link to Part 2 of this tutorial.


Here in Britain we're blessed with some of the most photogenic scenery in the world, so naturally landscape photography is a popular field of our hobby. Contrary to popular belief and practice, there's more to landscape photography than simply snapping away at hills, trees and fields. It is a surprisingly technical subject with its own special techniques. In this short series of tutorials I'll explain some of these techniques, which can help to improve your landscape photography and help you learn more about how to get the best out of your camera while out and about in the countryside.

Depth of field - just how deep is it?

Given the amount of rain we've had lately, one might be forgiven for thinking that depth of field refers to how far the mud will come over the top of your boots, but for photographers it has another more important meaning.

One of the most vital things to understand when taking landscape photographs is how depth of field works, and how you can take advantage of it to take better photographs. It is a common technique of landscape photography to include foreground details in the shot. Doing so helps to balance the photograph, and helps to lead the viewer's eye into the picture. However doing so presents a technical problem; how do you ensure that both the foreground objects and the distant landscape are in focus?

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