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How To Photograph Flowers


Digital Photography Tutorial – How To Photograph Flowers

Despite all climatic indications to the contrary it’s still technically summer here in England, and there are still a few wild flowers around that haven’t succumbed to torrential rain and high winds. Photographing flowers in the wild presents a couple of technical challenges that require some ingenuity to overcome, but as usual there are ways of circumventing these problems without spending a fortune on specialised equipment.

The main problem, especially with long-stemmed plants like these foxgloves, is that even on a relatively calm day they will sway about in the breeze, which makes it very difficult to focus and frame your shot, particularly if you’re trying to concentrate on a detail such as a bee helping itself to an afternoon snack. Since we can’t control the weather, and placing some sort of wind shield around the plant would be both impractical and would hide the natural background, how can we stop the plant from swaying about?

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