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Share Experiences

For pretty much every consumer these days, sharing digital content is paramount. With so many digital photographs and home videos to show off to friends and family, it’s important to be able to easily share these files. Philips has been very successful in the digital photo frame market, in fact I have one myself in my living room, but the Family Album takes that concept a step further.

The Family Album is a fully connected photo frame that can store and share all your photos. New photos can be sent directly to the family album by friends and relatives, arriving in a rather fetching brown paper package, which then opens up to reveal the image.

You can even write notes on the back of images with the family album, or record sound bites to go with each picture. Basic editing, orientation and zooming/cropping duties can also be performed. The best party trick though is that large photo’s can be spread across multiple Family Album devices.

The In Touch device is an extension of the current family message board, but instead of using drawing pins and Blue-tack, everything is pinned to its surface electronically. The In Touch board can be used to display photos, show videos, or even just to leave notes for other members of the family.

There’s a digital pen that slots into a holder in the side of the screen. This can be used to write messages or even draw images for anyone else in the household to see. Could this mean the end of blackboards and fridge magnets?

Finally the Storyteller brings bedtime stories to life. Using a story book, a mood enhancing night light and a magic torch that shows clues and scenes from the story, you can make your child’s bedtime an adventure every night.

How many of these concepts see the light of day as retail products remains to be seen, but Philips is definitely laying the ground work for some great lifestyle products. And one thing’s for sure, if these concepts are anything to go by, Philips really does believe that it’s the consumer that’s the important part of the equation.


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