Relax Your Mind

Moving away from children, Philips explored how music and lighting can change the mood and setting of your home. The Music Spectrum is a music system complete with a single surround sound speaker. Now, I’m not a great believer in pseudo surround sound, but Philips insists that this single speaker will fill a room convincingly. I guess I’ll find out if the Music Spectrum ever comes to market.

The music is controlled by a long touch sensitive bar. All the music is separated by mood, so you can set the Music Spectrum to play very mellow, slow tracks or crank it up to high BPM dance music, or you can just set it somewhere in the middle. The idea is that you can set the mood at the touch of a button without having to worry about CDs or playlists.

Like Music Spectrum, Light Spectrum is all about creating the right mood. With the remote control you can change the intensity and colour of the lighting in the room. Light Spectrum can also project soothing images onto your ceiling, whether it be clouds or tree leaves – whatever suits your mood.

To finish the mood of your room off you’ll want a couple of Philips’ chameleon lamps. These floor standing lamps are equipped with colour sensors. Simply hold any object in front of the sensor and the light will replicate its colour – ideal if the mood you want to create depends on your lighting matching your outfit!

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