Move Your Body

In this area Philips was showing off technology to get the family off the sofa and physically active, without the need to leave their home. For me, the Drag and Draw was the best future product on display. Aimed at children who love to draw, the Drag and Draw allows your little terrors to, quite literally draw all over the walls!

The bucket of paint is actually full of laser light, and when a child (yeah, like adults aren’t going to want to play with this) starts drawing with the magic brush, coloured light is projected onto the wall, just like real paint. There’s a magic eraser so you an undo any mistakes, while the magic wand can actually animate your drawings. Hopefully Philips will have brought this product to market by the time my daughter is old enough to draw, because I would love to see her creating masterpieces on the wall as long as they can be removed at the touch of a button.

In Shape is a home gym type appliance that throws in a virtual personal trainer to keep you motivated. The system comprises of the main display board and a set of dumbbells that are wirelessly linked to the board. As soon as the user picks up the dumbbells In Shape switches on and displays your current fitness level and your target fitness level.

The virtual trainer will instruct you to perform different exercises and automatically count the repetitions, telling you when you’ve finished each set. The trainer also tells you when to take a break and even tries to spur you on when you start flagging. The idea is definitely a good one, but there are only so many exercises that you can do with ball shaped dumbbells. Of course this is only a concept, so potentially the idea could be applied to an entire exercise machine.

Continuing to try to keep kids active, Philips showed off Versa Tiles. This is a set of interactive tiles that can be laid on the floor and used for a variety of activities and games. Once again this gets kids away from the TV and active, even when it’s pouring with rain outside.

Obviously the layout looks like hop scotch, but the tiles can be configured for all manner of activity, thus making sure that children don’t get bored and head back onto the sofa for some more video game action.

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