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Care For Your Body

Philips has a lot of expertise when it comes to lighting, but in this demonstration it was using light in a very different way. The Look Good skin care tool is made up of a base, a bowl, a skin analyser and a cleansing stick. In the demonstration a model used the skin analyser to determine what her skin required, she then used the cleansing stick to apply treatment to specific areas of her face.

The bowl is similar to the cleansing stick, but it focuses on the entire face. In the demonstration a different model used the skin analyser and was instructed to use the bowl. The bowl tipped forward and emanated red light to sooth and repair her facial skin.

The Feel Good system looks like a futuristic floor standing lamp, but it’s much more than that. Like the Look Good, the Feel Good harnesses and uses the healing properties of light. The Feel Good uses various forms of light to soothe and revitalise the user and like the Look Good has an integrated skin analyser to determine exactly what the user needs.

Next up was the Soft Therapy vest – a garment that can be worn under the clothes to soothe the muscles around the neck and back. Combining infrared heat and vibration to massage the skin, the Soft Therapy vest can soothe the wearer all day, leaving you feeling fresh rather than drained at the end of day.

The Sunshine is supposed to be an artificial sun inside your house. That may be a somewhat grandiose description of a lighting product, but it’s also a fairly accurate one. The Sunshine is a huge, wall mounted light that can change the mood of a room. You can have it set to a standard daylight setting, to match the daylight outside your window. Or you can bring the mood down with a more mellow yellow or red light, to create an artificial sunset.

Of course if you suffer from SAD in the winter and find it hard to keep going when it starts to get dark outside, you can crank up the sunshine to fill the room up with bright, well, sunshine. The idea being that this will give you a shot in the arm and stop your productivity slumping with the sun.

Of course you could start to feel run down when you’re away from home and Philips has a solution for this in the shape of the Trans Light. The Trans Light is like a pocket size Sunshine – a bit like having a piece of the sun in your pocket. Although the idea is cool, I’m not too sure how many guys would want to sit around with what looks like a face powder compact in front of them for half an hour – but maybe that’s just me.

The Rise and Shine concept is a light that you can use as an alarm clock. Since your body is designed to wake up as it gets brighter around you, the Rise and Shine lamp can be set to gradually get brighter at a certain time. This will wake your body gradually, and should result in you feeling far less groggy when waking.

The Rise and Shine concept has already become a retail product. The Wake-up Light does pretty much exactly the same thing and has already gone on sale in France. The Wake-up light will roll out into retail in other territories in 2007.

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