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Listen To Your Body

The first demonstration started off in a bathroom. The bathroom mirror doubled up as a health and fitness information display. Using a special set of bathroom scales, the user obtains accurate readings of weight, body fat and hydration levels. These results are then sent wirelessly to the display in the bathroom mirror.

Using the mirror display you can view your current levels, compare them to your target levels, and plot your progress over time. Magnetically attached to the mirror display is a digital measuring tool. This can be used for measuring waist, chest and hips – the information is then sent across to the display and again can be compared to previous measurements to judge your progress.

Philips calls this concept In Form and it represents an easy way to keep track of your fitness level, without having to dedicate too much time to the process. With simple access to your personal history, you can see exactly how well you’re progressing over time, or whether you’re slipping back into bad habits.

Philips also showed Body Cycle, which also works in conjunction with the mirror display. Body Cycle is a thermometer that gives interactive advice to women who need to monitor their body cycle.

The Body Cycle unit is inserted into the ear and the device whispers the temperature to the user. The body cycle transmits its data to the mirror display and the user can then examine the information. The obvious benefit is that women who wish to become pregnant, can keep constant track of their body cycle throughout the month.

The demonstration then moved to the kitchen, where Philips showed off its Water Font. The Water Font is a water filtering system that uses UV light for purifying the water. Unlike most water filtering systems, it’s not just the filter that needs to be changed, instead you replace the entire tap. The blue LED turns red when it’s time to change the tap.

Obviously the taps are completely recyclable and reusable, so when you ship them back to Philips they will be recycled and shipped back out to customers. Philips produces the taps in a range of finishes to suit most kitchens. The taps are shipped in boxes of four as seen below.

Of course, if you find plain water (no matter how pure) a bit bland, the answer is to mix some fruit juice in. This is easily done with Philips’ mixing jug and vortex system. Simply fill the jug, place it on the vortex pad, and a whirl pool will start spinning. You can then mix anything into the water with ease – fruit juice, cordial, or even mineral supplements.

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