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Philips Simplicity Showcase

Unlike many consumer electronics companies, Philips isn’t paranoid about showing off future technology. In fact, Philips is very keen to get feedback on concept technology, in an attempt to produce products that the consumers actually want and need. And that’s the key to the Philips Simplicity programme – technology that’s simple to use and enhances the consumer’s everyday life.

To help achieve this message of simplicity, Philips has thrown a massive amount of resources at research and development, including masses of user feedback and interaction. As Philips pointed out to me yesterday, consumer electronics should be about the consumer, not about the electronics. To highlight Philips’ commitment to simplicity and the consumer, the company rounded up the European press and showed them what the future held for Philips and its customers.

Philips split its future vision into five areas, representing five different homes, peopled by consumers with different needs.

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