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Pentium 4 CPU Coolers

There’s nothing terribly wrong with the Intel stock cooler that ships with the retail processors, but it’s not the quietest around. And since you might have bought a processor without a heatsink, what should you go for? Don’t worry though, because TrustedReviews is here to help - we’ve tested three of the latest Socket-775 coolers on the market. The contenders are from Arctic Cooling, Asetek and Asus.

The coolers were tested with a Pentium 4 Extreme Edition CPU clocked at 3.73GHz on an ABIT NI8-SLI motherboard. The CPU was run at stock speed and it was loaded to 100 per cent to emulate the highest possible load.

The CPU temperature was recorded from the supplied ABIT uGuru utility that takes the temperature from the built in thermal sensor inside the CPU. There might be variations depending on the motherboard you use and the numbers are presented as a comparison between the coolers tested.

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