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Let's Start In Tokyo


Panasonic Press Tour Japan 2007

There's something very special about Japan. For me it's something of a magical place, but after spending the best part of 20 years studying various Japanese martial arts, that's hardly surprising. But there's more to my love of Japan than its culture, history and martial arts, there's also the fact that so much of the technology we take for granted today, is developed over there. And it's all that technology that Panasonic wanted to show off when the company flew me over to Japan recently.

Things kicked off with the CEATEC show in Tokyo, where Panasonic was keen to show off the new kit on its stand. CEATEC is a major technology trade show in Japan, although, it must be said, it's pretty small compared to the likes of CES, IFA and CeBIT. But it was after I'd escaped from the hustle and bustle of CEATEC that things started to get really interesting.

After CEATEC we took a bullet train to Osaka. Now, I'm in no way a train enthusiast, but I have always wanted to ride on a bullet train, or Shinkansen to give it its proper name. There's something decidedly cool about sitting on a train travelling at over 180mph while feeling like you're standing still. Although the earthquake prone nature of Japan does make you a bit nervous when you're travelling at that speed - the safety record on Shinkansen trains is exemplary; the same can't be said for the UK rail network and trains. If you ever needed proof of how technologically advanced Japan is, just take a ride on a bullet train.

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