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Over-Hyped and Over Here


Why do I believe? Every time, I fall for it, I think we're going to make the grade and we don't. I think that we're going to be great, and we come up short, and, like everybody else, I'm left disappointed and frustrated. Yes, of course I'm talking about England's miserable failure to qualify for the European Championship.

Like everyone else I was shocked by the fact that in a game we had to win we were two-nil down at half time, even more so by the nature of the goals. As has been commented many times already, Scott Carson, looked more like Frank Carson, as he attempted to save the first shot of the game, and for the second, England's defence looked more dazzled than rabbits in headlights.

Of course, we can't just go and lose the thing, no, we have to go and somehow claw ourselves back into the game with two second half goals. Until Frank Lampard stepped up to score the penalty I'd barely registered he was on the pitch, and Beckham and Crouch both showed the only hint of class from the English team the whole sorry evening by combining so well for the second. When that went in, the yell that erupted from me almost woke the kids upstairs.

But as we know, it all proved to be for nothing, as the England team clearly felt the Croatians had not had enough time or space on the ball already and so let them have another crack at goal to leave us dead and buried. So Mclaren, unsurprisingly got the boot and the inquisitions have started. What went wrong?

For me the problem was simple. The players have for too long, been over hyped. They clearly are not the ‘Golden Generation', as they have been endlessly described and if there was any remnant of that belief then it was surely washed away on that sodden Wembley pitch last Wednesday evening.

Now at this point, you're probably wondering what this has to do with technology and or if I'm just trying my hand as a sports writer. Here's the link:

Hype, I've had enough of it.

Let's take DirectX 10 for example (see what I did there). Wasn't DirectX 10 originally meant to offer an exciting new way of game developers delivering previously unimaginable image quality without sacrificing frame rates? Or something?

To quote directly from Microsoft's own web site, describing the benefits of DirectX 10 in Vista - "DirectX 10 features heavily enhanced 3-D graphics-rendering capabilities and helps noticeably improve your computer's performance in games and high-end 3-D applications".

To which the only correct response is, "lol!".

Only really it's not funny.

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