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Over and Out


Over and Out

When I launched TrustedReviews in September 2003 I wanted it to be the UK’s best technology publication, despite the fact that magazines were still the dominant species at the time. In those early days my team and I worked ridiculous hours to create a truly useful resource for anyone thinking of buying a technology product, and slowly but surely traffic started to grow.

As the months and years passed more and more of you came to TrustedReviews in your search for information on the latest technology and gadgets. As readership grew and the market changed, TrustedReviews branched out into new areas, always led by what we felt the readers wanted and needed.

Throughout the six and a half years since the launch of TrustedReviews the team has changed and evolved – some have moved on, while others have joined and brought their own personality and skill set to the table. And of course TrustedReviews was purchased by IPC Media at the end of 2007, marking a major change as we became part of the largest publishing house in the UK. But one constant has remained throughout TR’s life – me.

If you have a long memory you'll recognise the original TrustedReviews header

It is now time, however, for me too to move on from TrustedReviews, and today is, sadly, my last day as Editor. I can honestly say that launching and running this publication has been the highlight of my career, and I can look back proudly at all that myself and the team have achieved. I wanted TrustedReviews to be the UK’s best technology publication, and I believe that I achieved that goal. While I also hope that some of you agree.

Of course I’ll be leaving TR in very safe hands. There’s a strong team here including my Deputy Editor, Jay who was there at the beginning with me back in 2003. I am in no doubt that Cliff, Andy, Ed, Hugo and Ardjuna will continue to bring you reviews of the highest quality, while Gordon will carry on entertaining you with his unique take on the breaking news stories. I can also assure you that IPC Media is committed to making TR an even better publication than it already is.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for supporting TrustedReviews. Ultimately it’s you, the readers, that have made TR the success that it is, and I sincerely hope that you continue to support the site into the future. I truly believe that TrustedReviews will grow stronger and better over the coming months and years, and I hope that one day the new Editor will be able to look back as proudly and fondly as I do now.

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