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Oh No, Not Again!


At the start of any year people inevitably look ahead and wonder what the future will bring. We also get into a bit of a ‘new year, new me’ type mentality, and by the time you read this you may well have one or more New Year Resolutions in place – get fitter, get out more, get worldly-wiser, or whatever. Hopefully the halo hasn’t slipped already – if it has, perch it right back on your head and carry on with the good work!

I’m turning the look at the year ahead slightly askew and putting in a plea for less of some things during 2007. I’m sure you can add to the list, and why not do so in the TrustedReviews Forums – maybe we can build a ‘non-wish list’ for 2007 between us.

Here, in no particular order (as they seem to say on TV shows with a public vote these days), is my ‘no more please’ list for 2007.

Touch Sensitive Buttons

Yes, I know even I came round to the idea in my review of the Samsung’s SGH-Z560 but on the whole, that handset notwithstanding they are gross.

I’ve stood around while other people using mobiles with touch sensitive buttons struggle to take calls, and found myself prodding and poking at handsets and other devices wondering if my pressing have an effect or not. It is not a good sign at all. Please remember, hardware manufacturers, that devices should be easy to use – not difficult. Let’s hope the iPhone really has this nailed.

Silly Names

By which I mean any one or more of the following in a device name: absence of either vowels or consonants in a word which by rights should have them; mixing of upper and lower case within a word; use of non alphabetical symbols; devices names nobody is sure how to pronounce; names that simply don’t mean a great deal.

Examples. Motorola ROKR and PEBL (and plenty more), HTC TyTN and MTeoR, Palm T|X, Sling Media’s Slingbox (Sling??).

I fully understand that device manufactures need to make their products stand out, and that the name is part of the deal. If that weren’t the case everyone would name each product something like this: The Widget Company Laptop Computer No24, The Widget Company Desktop PC No87. And wouldn’t that be boring.

But there is a line between ‘sensible’ and ‘silly’, and I’m not sure the bods who name devices always know where that line is.

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