Publisher 2007: Content Library

The Task Panel is also used by the program when you perform a clipart search, looking for clips and photos to include in layouts, and when you're dealing with the new Content Library. The Content Library is a bit like a two-way Design Gallery, where page components can be dragged directly onto the page layout and incorporated into a design.

What makes it different is that the items in the Content Library are bits that have already been clipped from pages in documents designed by you or other designers using the same copy of Publisher 2007. This tool enables you to build up your own gallery of reusable objects, which can be text, graphics, photos or groups of related objects. Once they've been added to the Content Library, they can be dragged from the panel onto a page in any document that's open in Publisher.

In the screenshot, we've picked a business card template and used the same background jellybean photo and company logo that we created in the video on Publisher 2007 new features, as part of the layout of the gatefold brochure. We copied those components to the Content Library and have simply dragged them straight out onto the business card and pushed them to the back, before rearranging the contact details, so they don't overwrite the design of the imported content. This is a lot quicker than designing both components from scratch and ties these two business documents together visually and in design.

As well as designing paper-based documents, Publisher 2007 can be used for creating websites and attachments to be used with single or bulk e-mails (but definitely not spam, oh no). If you're designing for electronic distribution, Publisher can compress the photos in your pages, so that they're suitable for the low resolution of a screen representation - typically 72 to 95ppi, rather than page print of 200 to 300ppi.

On the Picture toolbar within Publisher is a function to compress pictures, either singly or throughout a document, which gives you choices for commercial print, computer print or Web. Our test print went from 500K to 129K, a factor of nearly four times.

Publisher now has good commercial publishing support and can handle spot colour, CMYK process colour and Pantone colour matching. It also has a reasonable pre-flight check, which goes through your document, looking for potential problems in layout and use of colour.

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