Publisher 2007: Image Tips

There are several neat features that you can perform on photographs in Publisher 2007 that don't appear well known. Try this one, for example:

This produces a photographic watermark over the page.

Alternatively, if you don't want full-colour, you can leave Image control, Color on Automatic and click on the Recolor button. If you then pick a single colour from the Color drop-down, or go further and choose a shade from the colour palette, you can produce all kinds of black and white, sepia or other single-colour effects.

Another feature that some people don't fully understand is the crop tool. This is used for cutting down photos to show just the area that's wanted, but it's completely non-destructive. In other words, when you crop a photo, you're effectively just applying a mask over it and you can adjust or remove that mask at any time, to restore the original image without having to re-import it.

Finally, if you apply BorderArt to a photo or other frame, you don't have to use it at its default size. If you click off ‘ Always apply at default size' in the BorderArt dialog, you can select the size in points from the Colors and Lines tab of the Format Picture dialog.


The final video shows how to create a brochure using all of Publisher 2007's time saving features


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